Honor Bound Off Broadway –

“Nicole Carroll is a compelling watch as the hungry young reporter, Lisa. She shows signs of a terrific physical comic actress in the making. Her face has that ability to convey five different emotions over the course of five seconds.” -Gary Stein, Exec.VP- 30-Time Emmy-Winning Production Co./Entertainment Industry Consultant

“Nicole M. Carroll terrifically embodies the self-righteous, snoopy young reporter with great flash and passion as if from an old Hollywood newspaper movie.” -Darryl Reilly,

“The uniformly good cast…includes Nicole M. Carroll as Lisa, who gives a very energetic performance of a budding reporter whose ambition to be the next Carl Bernstein or Bob Woodward has yet to be tempered by a sense of restraint.” -Paul Hansen,

“The 5-person cast is excellent and young actress, Nicole Carroll, as the intern/reporter, holds her own in her Off Broadway debut.” –Billi Pod Blogs, Academia Nuts and Honor Bound

Metamorphoses –

“Since each of the 10 actors has as many as 10 parts to play and narrate, the performers keep on their toes all the time while reciting their lines with a poetic pace and expression…Nicole Carroll looks suitably imperious as Aphrodite and lovely as Psyche; she also narrates several episodes.” –Times Herald Record Online

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“On Campus” Episode 263: Production of Metamorphoses

Fall 2013 Esposito Menswear Commercial – 

“Outstanding international male model Nikolai Danielsen and the beautiful model/actress Nicole M. Carroll acted and shot exceptional for the video, considering the circumstances of the weather (Yes, we shot in snow flurries and 20 degrees. Who would have ever thought?)” –Interview with Harry B. Videos

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The Wakeville Stories –

“For fourth-year theatre performance major Nicole Carroll, who played the character Six, the weekly rehearsals were an incredibly positive experience. Because of the extended amount of time devoted to the discussion of themes and characters behind the scenes, Carroll said “The Wakeville Stories” generated fantastic debates and conversations between herself, classmates and audience members…” –The Oracle

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Spike Heels –

“The four actors are young and energetic and fully into their roles…Edward at first resists Georgie’s mating calls, when who comes pounding on the door but Lydia (Nicole Carroll). She has been described…as a vampire but she is straightforward in her anger and frustration against Georgie…” –Times Herald Record online

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Is He Dead? –

“A good indicator of the success our friends at Half Moon have created in their first four years is easily noted in the fact that “Is He Dead?” opened to an SRO crowd. The management actually had to resort to bringing in more folding chairs. That’s impressive and a success well deserved.” –Northern Dutchess News & Creative Living 

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